Large Sphere (65 mm) Ice Press

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  • Commercial Grade - Our ice press is food grade T6061 Aluminum!

Let Thermal Energy do the work for you! 

Simply place your block of clear ice in the area between the rods and place the top half on the rods and watch the pieces come together while pressing your shape into the perfect image.  You can place the press on a sided tray/rubber bar mat to catch water run-off. *

Please noteThe ice press slows down if you are making multiple shapes one after the other. 

For Home: We recommend rinsing under warm water to return to room temperature faster, otherwise, it will naturally return to room temperature in a short time if you don’t need multiple presses immediately.

For Commercial: We recommend using an ice press heater to optimize repetitive shape output.  While one works great. We also recommend having two or more depending on the volume of orders.

*Trays are not included


Estimated Shipping: 3-4 weeks

Recommended Ice: The Clear Ice 2.7-inch Cube.  Click here to order.


Make your own:  cut your clear blocks into 2.7 inch roughly cut pieces and transform them into a perfectly shaped diamonds or spheres with your new ice press.  Learn how to make your ice here!

For any other questions please consult our FAQ here